Guilty as charged!

At approximately 1:37 today, December 7, 2012, Cabrini College student Angelo Calfo was convicted of Kidnapping in the First Degree. The courtroom was packed for Calfo’s trial, during which the jury heard testimony from Police Officer McIlwain, camp counselor Nicole Rasmussen, and victim Nicolas Alfieri. Witnesses for the defense included Calfo, Krista Round, and McKenzie Frazier.

The jury deliberated for about 30 minutes, and, at one point, had several questions for both the prosecution and the defense.

Sentencing will occur next week.

Michael Guadagno, lower school parent, is instrumental to the Mock Trial program. He has worked tirelessly, for several weeks, with the students in both science and history classes to prepare them for this trial. Thank you!

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