South / Central America World Fair and upcoming due dates

7th Graders completed their first World Fair cycle today! The projects demonstrated learning in a variety of ways: they were creative, colorful, and insightful. Please scroll down for photos!

We debriefed in class today, both the World Fair process and the World Fair products. Many students noted that they took risks in this process, which paid off in terms of confidence, fun, and learning. Students remarked that they enjoyed what they learned about their conflicts, their research and writing processes, their time management, and their ability to plan for a large project. Noted areas of growth include using class time well, asking for help, and communicating with parents about needed materials.

Here are upcoming due dates for Africa’s World Fair project:

Map Quiz: November 13, 2015

Research topic and questions: November 18, 2015

Notes: December 3, 2015

Comprehension Check: December 3, 2015

Outline: December 15, 2015

Rough Draft: January 6, 2016

Final Draft and Project: January 12, 2016


We will begin our Africa literature circles next week. Students will choose from our list of titles this Thursday (November 12).  Students may choose from the following list, but they may also choose an individual title with Ms. Strand in the library.

You may review the titles of book options here.

We look forward to helping your children learn and grow as students and global citizens as we investigate Africa.


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