8th Grade Humanities News

Our first Mock Trial is scheduled for Tuesday, December 15th. This will be an all-day field trip for 8th grade students, albeit on campus. We know that you are busy scheduling high school visits and planning for Christmas break.  We understand the difficulties of planning and scheduling your students’ lives, and we hope that you can avoid high school visits on December 14th and 15th. Please let me know as soon as possible, if your child cannot be at school on December 15th. Thank you for your partnership!


Also, students will soon begin reading a non-fiction selection related to their Culminating Project topics. We will engage in a structured reading and annotating process in order to learn both the contents of the book and the skill of deep reading. Students who purchase books will annotate in the text. Students who read a library book can use post-it notes to annotate (we have plenty!). We ask that you help your student choose and acquire a book that is:

  • Non fiction
  • At least 200 pages long
  • Authored by an expert in the field
  • At an appropriate reading level
  • Related to their conflict

Please let us know if you are struggling to find an appropriate title. We can help!

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