8th Grade Goes to Law School (in a day!)

Michael Guadagno and Joe Shaeffer are here today, providing the 8th grade students a crash-course in the law. This fun-filled day of learning introduces students to courtroom procedure and terminology, the ins and outs of legal roles, and allows them to apply their understanding of the Constitution to the law and legal process. They examine cases – some serious, others funny – as they discover precedent applying to their own cases, and begin to establish their own legal strategies. They leave this day with a firm understanding of their own role, and the role of each person involved in a case, from crime to sentencing. Feel free to ask your student questions about the day, as I’m sure they’ll have lots to share.

Law School officially kicks off our Mock Trial “season” and we’ll be moving quickly toward trial on December 15. Tuesday and Wednesday of this week will certainly be exciting, as we’ll have Officer Lang and Detective Biggs visiting from the Seattle Police Department. Wednesday will be partially spent outside at 8A’s crime scene; please remind your student to have a coat, and possibly extra shoes, for this day.

Stay tuned for more updates!



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