Mock Trial 2016– Photos and Review

Nyssa L. and Ethan B. go free!

Nyssa, accused of killing her Humanities Teacher with a Pokemon Ball and a candlestick, has been acquitted. The prosecution called Detective Billy W., who made clear connections between the forensic evidence found at the crime scene (including Nyssa’s fingerprints and blood type), presented evidence that Nyssa was failing Humanities — a logical motive for murder, and established Nyssa’s history of feuding with her teachers, including P.E. teacher Ms. Raven D. Unfortunately, however, they failed to prove their case beyond a reasonable doubt. The defense relied heavily on testimony from Dr. Aidan S., a recently-published paranormal expert / author, who suggested that dormant spirits in the sacristy were the likely culprits, having been awakened from their slumber by Nyssa and Mei-lin’s Pokemon adventure. The defense also cast doubt on Detective W.’s competence, and called Sofie, who testified to Nyssa’s empathy and compassion for her friends.


Ethan B., owner of online shoe store Hugo Got Hype, has recently been acquitted of killing Bobby Sheldon. Mr. B. was accused of stabbing Sheldon and carving a “V” into his forehead for loyalty pledge he’d made when purchasing the shoes. The prosecution made a strong case with all the forensic evidence at the scene of the crime leading to Ethan including Ethan’s blood type, fingerprints, and shoe prints at the scene. Yet, they failed to prove Ethan guilty beyond reasonable doubt due to lack of motive. The main witness for the prosecution, Simon J., had an equal motive and was not investigated thoroughly enough. The defense relied heavily on the fact that no other suspects were considered, and the lack of clear motive, to win the case.


Leading up to the trials, 8th grade students studied the U.S. Constitution and the Bill of Rights. They attended Law School in a Day with Mr. Guadagno, learned about the intersection of the Bill of Rights and police work / crime scene investigation, and analyzed forensic evidence in their science classes.


See below, photos of our crime scenes, our visits from Sergeant Lang and Detective Biggs from SPD, and our trials.


CSI: Villa
img_1598 img_1599 img_1600 img_1601 img_1602 img_1603 img_1604 img_1605 img_1606 img_1607 img_1608 img_1609 img_1610 img_1611 img_1612 img_1613 img_1614
Sergeant Lang and Detective Biggs (and Watson, the dog)
img_1630 img_1631 img_1632 img_1633 img_1634 img_1635 img_1636 img_1637 img_1638 img_1639 img_1640 img_1641 img_1642 img_1643 img_1644 img_1645 img_1646 img_1647 img_1648 img_1649 img_1650 img_1651 img_1652 img_1653 img_1654 img_1655 img_1656 img_1657 img_1658 img_1661 img_1662 img_1664 img_1668 img_1669 img_1672 img_1673
The State vs. Nyssa L.
 img_1140 img_1144 img_1146 img_1139img_1148 img_1150           
 img_1742 img_1743 img_1744 img_1745 img_1746 img_1747 img_1748 img_1749 img_1750 img_1751 img_1752 img_1753 img_1754 img_1755 img_1756 img_1140img_1757 img_1758 img_1759 img_1760 img_1761 img_1762 img_1764 img_1765 img_1766 img_1767 img_1769 img_1770 img_1771 img_1773 img_1774 img_1775 img_1776 img_1777 img_1778 img_1779 img_1781 img_1783 img_1784 img_1786 img_1788 img_1791 img_1792 img_1793 img_1797 img_1798 img_1800 img_1802 img_1803 img_1804 img_1805 img_1806 img_1809 img_1810 img_1811 img_1813 img_1814 img_1815 img_1817 img_1819 img_1820 img_1822 img_1823 img_1824 img_1825 img_1826 img_1827 img_1828 img_1829 img_1831 img_1833 img_1834 img_1836 img_1837 img_1839 img_1841 img_1842 img_1843 img_1844 img_1845 img_1848 img_1849 img_1850 img_1851 img_1852 img_1854 img_1856 img_1857 img_1859 img_1862 img_1866 img_1867 img_1876img_1870 img_1871 img_1872 img_1144img_1873img_1139img_1878
The State vs. Ethan B.
   img_1881 img_1882 img_1883 img_1884 img_1885 img_1886 img_1887 img_1888 img_1889 img_1890 img_1891 img_1892 img_1893 img_1894 img_1895 img_1896 img_1897 img_1899 img_1900 img_1901 img_1902 img_1903 img_1904 img_1905 img_1906 img_1907 img_1908 img_1909 img_1910 img_1911 img_1912 img_1913 img_1914 img_1915 img_1916 img_1917 img_1918 img_1920 img_1921 img_1922 img_1923 img_1924 img_1925 img_1926 img_1927 img_1928 img_1929 img_1930 img_1931 img_1932 img_1933 img_1934 img_1935 img_1172img_1936 img_1937 img_1938 img_1939 img_1940 img_1941 img_1942 img_1943 img_1944 img_1945 img_1946 img_1947 img_1950 img_1951 img_1952 img_1953 img_1954 img_1955 img_1956 img_1957 img_1958 img_1959 img_1960 img_1961 img_1963 img_1964 img_1966 img_1967 img_1968 img_1969 img_1971img_1156

img_1167 img_1175 img_1173 img_1172 img_1169img_1162 img_1156    img_1971 img_1970 img_1969 img_1968 img_1967 img_1966 img_1965 img_1964 img_1962 img_1961 img_1959 img_1957 img_1955 img_1953 img_1952 img_1951 img_1948 img_1947 img_1946 img_1945 img_1944 img_1943 img_1942 img_1941 img_1940 img_1939 img_1938 img_1937 img_1936 img_1935 img_1934 img_1933 img_1932 img_1931 img_1930 img_1929 img_1926 img_1925 img_1924 img_1923 img_1922 img_1921 img_1918 img_1915 img_1914 img_1913 img_1912 img_1911 img_1909 img_1907 img_1906 img_1904 img_1902 img_1901 img_1900 img_1899 img_1897 img_1896 img_1895 img_1894 img_1893 img_1892 img_1891 img_1890 img_1889 img_1888 img_1887 img_1886 img_1885 img_1884 img_1883 img_1882 img_1881 img_1880

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